ChannelXpert introduction

With NetformxChannelXpert you can increase your company’s profitability through greater program participation and tighter relationships with your suppliers and distributors. ChannelXpert automates the process of capturing more reward dollars and adhering to discount-based incentives. It eliminates labor-intensive and manual tasks to ensure compliance and significantly improves visibility to and management of reward and certification programs.

With ChannelXpert, you can quickly understand, optimize, analyze, and track rewards, including areas that are hard to manage because you lacked data or time. ChannelXpert automatically analyzes data from multiple sources and alerts you to potential situations that either invalidate or increase the rebate. You then have the ability to dispute relevant transactions with the vendor to ensure you get paid for all earned transactions. ChannelXpert makes the results and insights easy to obtain, leading to increased margins and profitability.

Use ChannelXpert for:

  • Rebate and discount management
  • Certification and training requirements compliance
  • Purchasing and supply chain management
  • Deal management
  • Substitutions with better profitability
  • Dashboards provide business insights