KnowledgeXpert introduction

Netformx KnowledgeXpert is an online interactive content management system that enables complete catalog management capabilities. With its simple and intuitive interface, users can update, test and distribute their catalogs on their own, ensuring fast time to market; manage content privacy and also ensure content quality, standardization and efficiency.

The simple KnowledgeXpert interface enables you to easily navigate and complete your relevant tasks. Use KnowledgeXpert for:

  • Building the Product Catalog
  • Testing the catalog
  • Publishing data

KnowledgeXpert enables the build, test and publish processes while maintaining standardization of content and enabling collaboration between users because all users, from all tenants (tenant: a group of users who share a common access point to the software instance, and containing their own unique roles and permissions), work from the same database.

Rigorous rules-based access control governs which users can modify the definitions of which products, as well as which users can access, view and modify the different modules in the application.

KnowledgeXpert is an application designed for use by only expert users with broad knowledge and experience with devices and components. Please only use the features of KnowledgeXpert if you are an expert user.

This is particularly important for the following features: 

  • Link to SKU
  • Working with rules
  • Working with complex bundles