Welcome to the Netformx online documentation

Netformx is the leader in sales enablement and profit acceleration solutions that help customers win more digital enterprise opportunities.

Our customers include service providers, systems integrators, and technology vendors who rely on our award-winning solutions to design and sell the information, communications, and technology solutions demanded by enterprises across the globe.

Netformx Desktop Applications offer the industry’s leading solutions for discovering and designing networks, communications infrastructure, and data centers from the comfort of your own computer. There are four core applications which offer a rich-graphic and offline experience:

  • DesignXpert – The industry benchmark for enterprise technology solution design and proposal generation using multiple vendors
  • Discovery – Discover networks to drive more business with targeted migrations and upgrades

Netformx Cloud Applications offer a web-based and device agnostic experience. This includes extending key capabilities found in Netformx DesignXpert as well as providing brand new applications and capabilities. Netformx solutions enable service providers, systems integrators, technology vendors, and distributors to win and implement technology solutions while maximizing profitability. Our powerful intelligent, integrated solutions bring competitive advantage and value to your company as well as increased productivity to your design, sales, and sales operations teams.

There are our three core SaaS offerings:

  • KnowledgeXpert – Simplify content management while increasing productivity
  • SalesXpert – Win more deals by quickly creating accurate multivendor proposals
  • ChannelXpert – Drive higher profits with actionable business insights into technology vendor incentives, promotions, and certification programs